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6 Daily Make-up Essentials For a Fresh Face

have been doing exactly the same thing for years without being dedicated to one brand I have tried out quite a few products, of which most of my favourites I’m using today. Therefore I thought I would share some of...more

Comfortably Casual With Style

Lately I have been craving comfort - and for me, the first place to start is my feet. I actually have planters fasciitis. And ok, even though it sounds kind of gross, it's just a condition where my heel gets...more

The Essential Carry-on Tote Everyone Needs to Have

I am legit obsessed with this tote not only because of the amount of clothes you can fit inside, but I love how the bottom pocket zips open for your shoes, toiletries or whatever knick knacks you pick up on...more

Flat Out for Fall

These Celine pointy loafers. Best fall purchase so far… Utterly in love from the moment I got them. Although I had a moment of doubt when it came to picking a color… I mean the navy and khaki ones looked...more

Adding A Ruby Red Pop to A Casual Look

It's quite possible I'm approaching an almost embarrassing collection of these Valentino rockstud heels now. The reasoning for these? Well, aside from the fact they look like modern day ruby red slippers, they were also crazy on sale at my...more

Ruffled Downtown

In an attempt to salvage myself from becoming way too overboard with casual attire, I had to pull out a dress, even better, a dress + heels.more

Vacation Style Photo Diary

These photos were from a very short 2 day trip to Santa Barbara 2 weeks ago. I stayed at the Bacara Resort, which was absolutely breath taking.more

How A Pair of Scissors Can Instantly Make You Look Taller

I have this new epiphany that the shorter the pant is, the taller I look. There’s also something about the unfinished rough edge that makes me feel slimmer.more

Brunching In Florals With French Connection

A beautiful NYC Sunday spent brunching on the rooftop of the Kimberly Hotel with French Connection in florals.more

Baby Blue In Jagger The Label

Honestly, when it’s over 100 degrees, it’s just too difficult to wear fussy clothing, and dress like a cool kid. The only reason I got out of bed last week and got myself dressed, was this new clutch of mine,...more