Things We Love

Not Weird, Just Limited Edition

Glamgerous for Eluxe: Disney’s Princess

Lately I can’t stop wearing one of my favorite t-shirts from my #ConnectedCollection with Eluxe: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine & Me.more

All I Need: A White Long Dress

Street Fashion

A terrace in Mykonos, just a white long dress and some wind in my hair. That’s all I needmore

Time To Leave with Kipling

The Natalie Joos collection has a perfect travel set for a real fashionista on the move: a compact toiletry bag, a weekend shoulder bag and two trolleys different in size. So definitely check the Kipling website out if you are...more

Back To My Teen Age Years

If when I was ten somebody had told me that one day during my 26th year of life I would have gone to the Backstreet Boys concert in New York and then to the After Party right after that, I...more

Glamgerous for Eluxe: Fluent In Fashion

Here is another look with one of the t-shirts from my #ConnectedCollection with Eluxe. When I came up with the idea for this tee I thought I wanted something fun and original, and so I ended up with the catch...more

Glamgerous For Eluxe: The Connected Collection

This is my first outfit with one of the models you’ll be able to find on the eLuxe store, and I matched it with a plain pair of skinny jeans for a shopping session in the streets of New York!more

Travel With Pinktrotters: Black Lady

Last day spent in the awesome villa of Mykonos thanks to Pinktrotters. I already told you guys about the great experience I had in the previous posts on Glamgeorus but some of you just asked me more info about prices...more

Customize Your Dream Bikini With Surania

How often does it happen to you that you go shopping and you find something you like but once you try it on you’re unsure about color, size, model or it’s simply not what you were looking for… What if...more

The Girl In The Lace Scarf

Lately I can’t get enough of this lace scarf from La Fiorentina, I believe it is one of the softest I’ve ever worn! I matched it with a white skirt, a simple grey tee and my new silver pumps.more