Things We Love

OOTD: Abstract Animal

Toying with Transparency

Now, when I say one of my favorite dresses, I actually mean my favorite dress of all time! Seriously! I am absolutely obsessed with this dress and drive myself crazy trying to decide what I like about it the most!more

OOTD: Seaside Style

A nautical outfit is always practical. The navy, blue and red theme will probably never fade away. I love a casual, loose dress for an every day outing. And dresses with large pockets are a fist-pumping win.more

Shifting Jeans to Live in Levi's

These jeans are quite a bit different from the denim I typically wear. I tend to stick to distressed, ankle cut denim, especially for summer time. Now that we're approaching fall, I'm shifting into dressier jeans that I can wear...more

American Hustle Style

Jumpsuits always automatically scream 70s to me, so I was definitely excited to get my first one here, which is from Wal-G! It's so cute and the color is just darling for summer, and even though the pant-length is a...more

Rooftop Reflections

We went up on the roof of the main area of the hotel, observing the village from above. Such a peaceful and yet quiet magical moment.more

Recharging With Dietox‘s Fresh Cleansing Therapy

. I tried out Dietox‘s Fresh Cleansing Therapy which is made out of more than 15 types of veggies, fruits and eco superfoods. It’s super delicious, healthy and above all very convenient while on the go.more

Easy Tiger: Mixing Trends

Easy, Tiger! How cool is this jumper from Wildfox? The idea was to mix the trendy (mules and jumper) with the ladylike (midi skirt) for this look and voilà.more

The Effortlessness of A Good Tee

But with the hot sticky summer days and beachside weekends that come with summer, a cotton tank is really all I need. I like mine best with overalls and a classic trench for misty morning coffee runs.more

Incorporating the Art of Abstract Into Your Wardrobe

Though I think the black, white and red print would look great with a variety of colors, today I wanted to make the gorgeous abstract print the focal point of the look.more