Things We Love

A Very Gucci Holiday

Every holiday should tell a story. This is especially true for Christmas; the traditions alone assemble one incredibly tall tale: Santa, the reindeer, the Grinch, and the birth of Jesus.more

Trending Alert: Buffalo Plaid

Winter Cape Fever

I love love capes for this time of the year, they are easy to wear and make any outfit stylish. You can easily pair it with leggings or jeans and make the cape your statement piece for the outfit.more

Army Blondes Have More Fun

I’ve been doubting the combination army & blondes, but ever since your amazing comments on a previous “army-green-look” I was convinced we are a match made in heaven. The last breaths of warmth I used to my advantage and wore...more

Making Memories with Gucci's New Scent

Fully equipped with Made To Measure by Gucci Fragrances, he is ready to leave a lasting impression on his love as well. Some of the best memories are triggered by scent and this is one scene he’ll never want to...more

Head Turning Accessories In Autumn Hues

Head-turning accessories, shoes, bags, or anything that pops color makes me happy these days.more

OOTD: Abstract Animal

Toying with Transparency

Now, when I say one of my favorite dresses, I actually mean my favorite dress of all time! Seriously! I am absolutely obsessed with this dress and drive myself crazy trying to decide what I like about it the most!more

OOTD: Seaside Style

A nautical outfit is always practical. The navy, blue and red theme will probably never fade away. I love a casual, loose dress for an every day outing. And dresses with large pockets are a fist-pumping win.more

Shifting Jeans to Live in Levi's

These jeans are quite a bit different from the denim I typically wear. I tend to stick to distressed, ankle cut denim, especially for summer time. Now that we're approaching fall, I'm shifting into dressier jeans that I can wear...more