Things We Love

This Season's 70's Flare Favorites

It’s no secret I’m very much into this 70’s trend that’s currently celebrated in almost every editorial we come across. I never thought this would be something so close to my heart, but it is.more

COCO Calling: Black and White Style

I want to create an outfit that can wear all the pearl necklaces together. What’s the better way to do that? — A Classic Chanel Inspired Black and White outfit suddenly came to my mind.more

Black: the Color of Predilection

Black has always been my color of predilection, for probably everything. As soon as I saw this black leather dress from Lanvin, my heart literally melted.more

Why a Gucci Timepiece Is the Perfect Finish to Every Outfit

It’s accessories like these that I believe every man should have in his wardrobe to really polish off any outfit. Tee-shirt and jeans? no problem, add a Gucci watch.more

Trench Style to Invest In

I invested in a couple timeless pieces during the sale season, among them are this Burberry trench and these Gucci boots.more

Saying No to New Years Resolutions

Yup, you are reading it right, no new years resolutions. Which totally applies to me and my start of a “new year” – as most people do love New Years resolutions – but for me it’s simply not working.more

waterfall cardigan

Sunglasses: AJ Morgan, Earrings: c/o Shop Jami, Cardigan: c/o The Mint Julep Boutique, Top: Gap, Pants: Gucci, Shoes: Zara Happy New Year’s Eve! This outfit is totally unrelated to this...more

How the Ultimate Gucci Jet-Setter Dresses

I firmly believe everyone needs to have at least one oversized duffle for travel purposes and it also doesn’t hurt when it’s designer label too, am I right?more

The Perfect Booties for A Cowboy Feel

I love how the booties look together with skinny jeans but shorter, so there’s a gap in between the booties and the jeans.more

A Very Gucci Holiday

Every holiday should tell a story. This is especially true for Christmas; the traditions alone assemble one incredibly tall tale: Santa, the reindeer, the Grinch, and the birth of Jesus.more