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Inspirational Hair Color: Like Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke is the perfect upgrade from regular Coke. It takes something classic and gives it a punch to liven it up. Likewise, a Cherry Coke-inspired hair color adds punch to atypical brunettes, mixing dark brown with a hint of...more

Hair Color How-To: Inspiration and Formulation for Key Lime

Like its namesake dessert, this creamy hue contains just a touch of citrusy brightness. Pastel shades have been a growing trend for the last few seasons, but green is often overlooked; it can be tricky to pull off. Too much...more

Hair Color How To: Inspiration and Formulation for Mayan Chocolate

This warm brown has just the right touch of spice, thanks to bits of chili red.more

From Our Archives: Your Perfect Hair Color – Great Brunettes

Brown shades range from exotic to natural, all of them subtle and elegantmore

From Our Archives: Hair Color Inspiration – Dirty Blonde

Going lighter is a common move for springtime, but this season’s take on pale shades is all about subtletymore