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Birthday, It’s Your Birthday – HBD, Nicole Richie!

It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday. Bad bitch contest, you in first place. You in first place, you in first place. Bad bitch contest, you in first place! Yay Nicole Richie has turned 33...more

Knots and Dots at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015

Knots, dots, and latex reigned supreme at the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2015 show. An excitement of fabrics and textures including fetish gear, bandeau tops, and occult geometry on shirt-dresses. MBMJ’s BMX ninja...more

Look Ma, No Makeup – Marc Jacobs Spring 2015

Bearing bare skin at New York Fashion Week is almost unheard of. However, Marc Jacobs is unceasingly ahead of the curve. His spring 2015 show featured the buff faces of...more

Beauty: A Total Hair Daze Our Tips to Healthy Happy Hair

Having naturally curly hair, means never a dull moment especially when you wake up in the morning. Curly hair has a mind of its own. In the past few years,...more

Hair So Fresh, So Clean!

‘If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.’ – Hillary Clintonmore

The Lob

Change brings out the best in people and the worst in people. For me, change is a constant, I need it in order to keep my sanity and to live...more

24 Hacks to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy

These list of hacks to make your hair maybe a little too late for me since I’m planning on sticking to my pixie haircut for a while but I’m sure this will be helpful to all women with long hairmore

10 Game of Thrones Hairstyles You Can DIY

I was just awaken from a very deep slumber around midnight. Just like any other twenty-something person nowadays, sleep is hard for me to find but unlike the others I don’t like...more

6 Beauty Quick Fixes

I've tried a zillion beauty products over the years, so let me share six of my favorite ones that get the job done well, and almost more importantly, quickly.more

How To Properly Use Dry Shampoo

Today’s topic is “DRY SHAMPOO”. I have mentioned a couple of times that I only wash my hair once a week to keep it as healthy as possible (and yes, because I’m a little lazy).more