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Tinsel Your Look to Add A Little Sparkle to Your Day

Laguna Beach is such a quaint, beautiful town. I loved walking along the beach and exploring the town. I swear that I could live there without ever needing a car because my favorite part was just walking to coffee or...more

You Can Finally Stop Waiting for Leather Weather

There comes a time in the middle of fall when the air is just crisp enough to throw on that extra luxurious layer of fabric known as leather. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting all summer long to finally...more

Three Joggers, Three Ways: Date Night Approved

You may recall here that at first, I was a bit skeptical of joggers, but now that I have tried them and discovered how easy it is to be comfortable and chic at the same time, let's just say I...more

Complimenting Your Fall Look with Dark Berry Shades

I can't get enough of all the dark florals this season and this burgundy bag is the perfect dark berry shade to compliment any look.more

Addding Texture to White Layers, with Beaded Jeans

A combination of different whites with some of my preferred black basics, the protagonist of the outfit are the pants, of course, I found them on a bazar for a steal, it’s a new treasure in my wardrobe .more

B Is for Balenciaga

And just as the large crowd of people appeared, all dressed in black I felt slightly better. However, it wasn’t until a tiny man wearing a bright blue french workman’s jacket appeared from a black town car that I knew...more

Fall Walks With Sorel

These short boots are perfect for me though. They have a combo of waterproof leather, felt and material that will keep me dry during the rain and the Western-inspired look is super stylish for fall.more

How to Style It: Sneakers for Fall with Bucketfeet

All of BucketFeet's amazing shoes are designed by graffiti artists, tattooists, illustrators, writers, and other awesome original creators from around the world, and I love how each of them is so unique and interesting and tells a story.more

How to Wear Jeans to the Office

How do you wear jeans to work and get away with it? This is something I ask myself on the regular. Because while I'm a huge dress lover, sometimes jeans are the only things I want to wearmore

The Must-Have Tropical Print for the Ultimate Vacationer

The second I spotted this Polynesian-esque Isabel Marant shirt, I knew I had to sport it while on vacation in Jamaica. After all, nothing says "Do not disturb, I'm relaxing" like a printed tropical shirt.more