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The Timeline of Fashion Through 10 Movie Favorites

Hell Is A Teenage Girl In Valentino

Little miss sunshine might be stealing the spot light on fashion at many of her Hollywood events but when it comes to this amazing strapless Valentino gown.. let's think again....more


Whether the bizarre glam rock of Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart  in the kickass film THE RUNAWAYS or on the real cherry bomb ladies with babes like Joan Jett why...more

New Yorker's Party For A 'New Moon'

This was the big Twilight weekend across the nation, and with sales reaching $140 million over the weekend, the Twilight "crew" had more than enough reasons to party.D&G sponsored the...more

QUEST: What Will Be The More Fashion Concious Kristen Stewart Movie This Year? The Runaways or New Moon?

I know that 90% of the comments that stem from this QUEST are going to be along the lines of "ew Kristen Stewart is gross who cares about her" or...more

WTF!?! Kristen Stewart's Hair...Still

Kristen Stewart is going to play Joan Jett in an upcoming movie, and okay, they do look exactly alike (well, mother and daughter maybe), but I seriously cannot get over...more