Things We Love

Frank Ocean's Pyramids; Strippers, Motorcycles, and John Mayer

Coming in after his performance on Saturday Night Live, singer Frank Ocean has just released the NSFW music video for his song Pyramids that features a whole lotta strippers and a...more

John Mayer and Katy Perry F*ck Buddy Style

Just in case you didn't know, John Mayer and Katy Perry have been seen all over together and are reportedly hooking up. With Katy's bubblegum fashion sense and bad boy...more

Frank Ocean: What's Not to Love?

We don't know which news is more exciting: Frank Ocean's release of what many are calling a 'coming out' letter or his album 'Channel Orange' dropping today.   Frank Ocean has...more

Rock Hard Café

Male Model Humpday continues humping its way through the hottest men in music this week by applying a heavy dose of guyliner, zipping up an entirely too-tight pair of leather...more

The Aniston-Handler BFF Train Gets Derailed

After Chelsea Handler went on a drunken tirade (Handler doesn't do any other kind of tirade) against Angelina Jolie, her new BFF Jennifer Aniston got royally pissed. Jennifer is allegedly...more

Depths of Shallowness: The Complete Works of Taylor Swift

This chart breaks down, in icon form, the themes of Taylor Swift's songs. I wonder how many of her songs reference John Mayer's dick?  And what would be the icon...more

Nicki Minaj, Painting the Town Pink

This month (November 22nd to be exact) my latest obsession Nicki Minaj, aka the baddest bitch in the business (sorry John Mayer) will drop her debut album, Pink Friday.  And...more

Jake Gyllenhaal Grows a New Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are reportedly dating. Poor Jennifer Aniston. Now that there's a newer, slimmer, even less talented beard in town, she's been relegated to the sidelines. I...more

QUOTE: John Mayer on Why He Would Never Make a Fragrance

"I'm not diversifying in terms of selling anything. I'm not selling 'John Mayer: the cologne'. If I did it would just smell like sausage and sleep. I don't look at...more

INTERVIEW: John Mayer, Rolling Stone, February 2010

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, John Mayer showcases his tattoos, slightly-schitzophrenic ramblings and extensive collection of vintage watches and Japanese sneakers. The article, written by journalist Erik Hedegaard with...more