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Trailer of the Week: “Dom Hemingway”

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie, Dom Hemingway, was: wow, Jude Law—he, the dashing objet d’amour of films like The...more

Swagger Jackin' Jude Law

While filming his new movie in London, Jude Law was seen sporting this incredibly dapper look. With help from top fashion scientist (AKA my brain and the internet) we've compiled all the key...more

Tiffany's Put Artists To Work In Soho

Tiffany & Co, and street art aren't something two things that one might consider in the same arena but that's exactly what's going down in Soho.   Natasha Law (sis...more

INDIE NEWSROOM: Naomi Roars for Givenchy Before Attending Kate's Wedding...Men's Fashion Week Gets 'Zany'...J. Lo Finds Her Light

Uma Thurman: Cannes Best Dressed List

Uma Thurman has always been an A-List actress, but at Cannes last month, Uma took her fashion choices to the next level and blew the competition out of the water....more

BEAUTY BADASS: Jude Law Presents Dior Homme

Guy Ritchie has dipped his hands in "A Rendez-vous” as the short-film's director. The edgy video was created for Dior Homme and stars Jude Law and Michaela Kocianova. Check it...more

In Hollywood, No Man Goes Bald

Sometimes bald is beautiful, but let's be realistic-most of the time, bald is...bald.  So rather than let it spell the death knell for their careers, many Hollywood prettyboys fix their...more

Lily Cole Glams Up for French Elle [5 Photos]

Lily Cole wigs out for the latest issue of French Elle. Having just seen The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I must add that Lily is an amazingly talented actress who...more

STATUS Q: Super Galastic

I was absolutely horrified and traumatized after seeing this pic. What happened to “Joan”? She’s supposed to be a sexpot and instead she looks like someone’s half-dead grandmother? What is...more

Sienna Miller's Boobage and Jude Law Looking Like He Might Poop

The real question here is, how low will you go. This low front, full cleavage dress worn by Sienna Miller is absolutely amazing, but would the everyday, run of the...more