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Punch Up Your Style with Pink Kicks

I wear heels so often it is easy to forget how much I love wearing comfortable kicks too. It is also easier to have a chance adventure when you are wearing sneakers, versus trying to spontaneously run to the park...more

Suburban Style with a Pop of Cute

I basically just went for comfy cute suburban style. Cute because I added the pink in and also because this cardigan has sparkles along the trim. I just love it!more

The New Juicy Couture Scent That Infuses Fashion Into Fragrance

For me, fragrance and fashion go hand in hand. I love to finish off my look with a touch of my go-to scent. Right now, I am loving this, limited edition VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE.more


                                                   Skirt and Jacket Juicy Couture | Heels Steve Madden (here) | Gucci Bag I have been going through a period of plain/not much prints lately, wearing a lot of...more

The Glitter Plan—A Fun, Chic, Juicy Read For Summer

The book is a fun read and a fasinating account of what happens behind the scenes of an apparel company. I love learning about all the aspects that go into running and maintaining a fashion house. It could be a...more

On the Wish List: Summer Escapade

Summer, summer, summer! You might notice that recently my blog's been constantly occupied by summer-related posts. But here's a little secret I want only the both of us to know:...more

Spring Casuals

Regarding fashion lately, either life has been incredibly busy or I have been incredibly lazy.  While I imagine my ideal rites of Spring to compose of South-of-the-Border adventures and fruity...more

  • Apr 09, 2014
  • Ava Do
  • 14 photos

On the Wish List: Be Mine

It's crazy how the world is fixated on the notion of love. Comes the most romantic month of the year, malls are already overly-adorned with heart-shaped decorations and what's so...more