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                                                   Skirt and Jacket Juicy Couture | Heels Steve Madden (here) | Gucci Bag I have been going through a period of plain/not much prints lately, wearing a lot of...more

The Glitter Plan—A Fun, Chic, Juicy Read For Summer

The book is a fun read and a fasinating account of what happens behind the scenes of an apparel company. I love learning about all the aspects that go into running and maintaining a fashion house. It could be a...more

On the Wish List: Summer Escapade

Summer, summer, summer! You might notice that recently my blog's been constantly occupied by summer-related posts. But here's a little secret I want only the both of us to know:...more

Spring Casuals

Regarding fashion lately, either life has been incredibly busy or I have been incredibly lazy.  While I imagine my ideal rites of Spring to compose of South-of-the-Border adventures and fruity...more

  • Apr 09, 2014
  • Ava Do
  • 14 photos

On the Wish List: Be Mine

It's crazy how the world is fixated on the notion of love. Comes the most romantic month of the year, malls are already overly-adorned with heart-shaped decorations and what's so...more

Brooklyn, brooklyn take me in.

Sometimes monochrome looks are just so dreamy.more

juicy secret

I’m writing this post at 11pm and I’m slightly buzzed from the Bebe holiday party tonight.more

Wild For Juicy Couture Holiday

I wanted to share my favourite holiday items from Juicy Couture.more


Bright rainboots add some joy to a rainy daymore

Denim & Menswear

One of the joys of turning older is discovering the flaws of youth’s bold assertions.more

  • Oct 20, 2013
  • Ava Do
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