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RED CARPET REPORT CARD: 2011 American Music Awards

Forbes Ranks Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actresses

Forbes Magazine, which clearly has nothing better to do than feed into society's insatiable appetite for celebrity by enumerating their incomes based on conjecture, scientific (I'm guessing) estimates and good...more

Muse of the World: Franco on Franco Action

James Franco to teach a class on himself, "Narcissistic Escapism and the Art of Joint-Rolling"? W tells Kim Kardashian to shut her uncultured mouth. And J. Crew shareholders get their...more

Katherine Heigl Poses With Her Daughter for W

It's never too early to pimp out your child to magazines, and we're a sucker for cute children anyway. So as annoying as Katherine Heigl may be, we melted at...more

COVERGIRL: Katherine Heigl for Harper's Bazaar June 2010 [3 Photos]

Katherine Heigl graces next month’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar, looking radiant, and in a candid interview, she opens up about her career, marriage and motherhood. Heigl is photographed with dogs...more

Confirmed: Katherine Heigl Leaving "Grey's Anatomy"

LINK LOVE: Confirmed: Katherine Heigl Leaving "Grey's Anatomy" Add Your Own Stories on ENVY The Fashion Networkmore

Moments of Style: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley looked ravishing for a birthday party Sunday night in Los Angeles. Heigl already has the old Hollywood glamor nailed down, but her and Kelley...more

Yet Another Celebrity Clothing Line ...

While doing a little research on Matthew McConaughey's upcoming clothing line that somehow completely escaped my notice (beachwear, entitled j.k. livin' for "just keep livin'"-- appropriate given his aversion to...more

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