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dazed & confused

I don't know what's wrong, I can't stop wearing high socks with these, almost, slip-ons.more

WIN: A Johnnie-O Outfit For Father's Day

Father's Day is steadily approaching and if you don't already have a gift for the papa in your life then keep reading on how to win him some swag for...more

Win Gap's Royal Discount!

The fashion world has been captivated by Kate Middleton's style ever since she and Prince William decided to make an honest woman out of her. Though speculation as to who...more

Gap's New Khakis Are Now Everyday Wear

Most men once thought that wearing khakis were only reserved for weekends and an occasional casual Friday. That is no longer the case because  khakis are officially the new everyday...more

Khaki is Out of the Trench

From the very first show yesterday at Nicholas K, I could sense hunter green and khaki in the trenches. Nay, more than just trenches; slouchy slacks really pushed forward. Celebs...more


Ever since that NYTimes article came out about khaki the other days, it appears everyone and their mother is trying to hop on the bandwagon. No offense, but I think...more

Would Ya: Are Khakis Making a Comeback?

Just spotted this Alexander Wang boyscout style khaki cargo shorts. I'm having some difficulty getting into these since khaki instantaneously brings up raw emotions of Gap commercials where "Everyone's In...more