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Shut Up Inner Voices!

"I’m just relaying what the voice in my head is saying. Don’t shoot the messenger." - Eminemmore

Devon Says I Do: How To Style Your Bridesmaids

It's Wedding Wednesday and I want to share with you guys my experience searching for the perfect set of Bridesmaid dresses. It was a daunting task at first, but I eventually came up with a plan to get my girls...more

L’Art de la Séduction

Men love when women wear lingeriemore

I'm Love-swept in fashion

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love?more

Dating Nightmares: The Realizations Memo To Self

'NO homie! You can be a bonus when I have time for you in my life.' - Sophia Bushmore


In love with fashion dress Sure I'm a huge fall/winter lover, but after a long period of warm, chunky sweaters and coats, I can't help myself but to daydream about those...more

Love will take you.

Love will take you. by Rachel Iwanyszyn on Grooveshark Tonight I’m being a total sap and I made a playlist about love. Let it hit you and feel everything. Love,...more

Glamgerous talks "Just A Matter Of Friendship"

Sometimess I can’t help but think I never showed entirely myself here Glamgerous.more

Are Men The Real Victims?! #SayItAintSo

Sex with an ex is never really as spontaneous as you may think for a girl...more

4 years

#FBF to 4 and a half years ago, a few months before Sam and I tied the knot. It feels like centuries ago that these photos were taken (and it...more