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SHOE ENVY: Alexander McQueen Velour Curved Wedge Heels

Pay attention class. Try to learn something today, even if this test is graded on a curve. Stand on 5.5 bowed inches in these Alexander McQueen Velour Curved Wedge Heels,...more

Boutique Critique:: AvaMaria: Look 1

Prada has a Mary Jane Addiction

I want to take a giant hit of these mary janes and dance those shiny disco soles deep into the night. Remember them from Raquel Zimmerman's spread in Vogue? I...more


Two things I am not: 1) Preppy. 2) Girly. But oh, this outfit makes me want to be a little bit of both! Besides being mesmerized by the perfection that...more

Top 10 Fashion Gadgets

#10 - As a lethal beauty, Agent 99 couldn't resist Chanel's weapon-wear for the runway. It's fashion and function in one...IF you're a spy. #9 - Skooba's Skreener Bag wouldn't...more