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One of the best events from this past weekend was the at the Bootsy Bellows party. When I first stepped foot onto the estate, my jaw dropped from how beautiful...more


I love traveling comfortably. As I prepared for my trip to Coachella, I set aside the perfect road trip outfit. It included my favorite lounge pants, a loose white blouse,...more

Style Journal // Jeremy Scott’s Moschino

McDonald's Goes Mod in 'Mad Men'-Inspired Uniforms

To celebrate the 2012 Olympics -- already the most fashionable in history -- McDonald's decided to revamp its uniforms with the help of designer Wayne Hemingway, who took his inspiration from the Swingin'...more

Design of the Times: The Evolution of Brand Icons — Part 2

Picking up where we left off, these brand icons have had extensive makeovers to keep up with the ever-changing times -- some for the better, some for the Burger King....more

Young Carrie Tulles Around Town, Naomi Campbell -- Homewrecker and Tanning More Popular Than Coffee and Getting Fat

- Tyson Beckford is the Henry Higgins of model boyfriends and he has no problem letting you -- or anyone else -- know it. [Telegraph] - The first official photo of AnnaSophia...more

A Hardy Gays Mystery: The Case of the Lackluster Tents

Mac and Lester are The Hardy Gays - FashionIndie's Queen Detectives; stumbling about solving crimes of fashion with nothing but our wits and impeccably-styled outfits. During New York Fashion Week, a...more

Fashion People Eat Chanel Popcorn and Hermes French Fries

The only way to get fashion industry people to eat their food... or food in general in most cases is of course fancy designer wrappings to disguise all the fatty...more

San Fran Wants To Wipe That Smile Off Your Greasy Little Face

San Francisco's board of supervisors has banned restaurants from giving away toys with meals that have high levels of fat, calories and sugar. And so what? Have you seen the...more

IN CASE YOU CARE: McDonald’s To Launch Cupcakes

McDonald’s is now launching NYC themed cupcakes throughout Germany, Vanilla will be Soho, and Cappuccino is apparently the essence of the East Village. Read more on Nylon Image: Oliver Hartung...more