Things We Love

Give A Pop to Double Denim with Embellished Accessories

Great weather and the beautiful sunsets help to take super simple look from day to night. This is a look that I took from day to night by the quick switch of a shoe, a couple pieces of jewelry and...more

4 Need to Know Tips on Jewelry Layering

But even the most simple jewelry can be fun to play around with sometimes, and one of my favorite ways to amp up the basic, delicate pieces is to layer them.more

A Little Mix of Textures, Patterns and Color

This look is comprised of pieces that would seemingly not at all make sense together, yet somehow they work. Patterns with strange patterns, texture with smooth, and what seems like every color on the color wheel thrown together.more

OOTD: Cherry Blossom

There is something about the 60's, 80's and 90's that I just love. Why not the 70's you may wonder? I guess I've just never been into that hippie thing.more

American Hustle Style

Jumpsuits always automatically scream 70s to me, so I was definitely excited to get my first one here, which is from Wal-G! It's so cute and the color is just darling for summer, and even though the pant-length is a...more

Summer Layering With Silhouettes For Men

Historically speaking, I've been quite averse to vests of any sort. The few times I've worn it was back in college, when I was still experimenting with my sartorial limits. I rashly decided that vests just weren't appropriate for me.more

Tutorial- How to Make A Shift Dress

It isn't getting much cooler around here, so I've been living in my summer shift dresses lately. I made about 7 last summer , and I have just been rotating them just about every week. They are the perfect way...more

OOTD: Moving On

A crop top like this ‘Move On’ one is versatile, and I’ve already found myself wearing it with a number of things recently, and it’s perfect for all seasons as it looks great alone during summer, and even better under...more

Elegance in A Sicilian Style Dress

There is something of a true lady in classic Sicilian style dresses and today I surely felt like one in this absolutely beautiful elegant and feminine dress from Karen Millen.more

OOTD: Pucker Up

My biggest challenge in hand-making a lot of my wardrobe is finding really great printed fabrics -- there are tons of great solids, and tons of fun prints in basic quilting cotton fabrics, but when it comes to apparel fabric...more