Things We Love

The Timelessness & Sophistication of the Perfect Fall Poncho

I've been anxious to get a poncho for Fall. I was immediately drawn to the detailing on this one with the faux leather pockets and gold zippers on the side.more

The New Brand to Know: Saint Sal

I have mentioned before that I'm very into edgy what better way to edge up an outfit: a little bit of leather and a dark lipstick!more

DIY: Refashioned Scalloped Hemline

I don't know what it is about scallops, but I just love them. They're a simple little detail that changes the entire look of a piece, and they're so whimsical and unexpected.more

Gain Inspiration From Your Style Community by Using WEAR

I recently discovered a really great new shopping app and site called WEAR which is pretty much a style community which features brands and fashionable outfits from around the world – a great place to get some inspiration for those...more

Add A Pop to Your Classic Black & White Look, With Just A Lipstick

Yeah, I know… I have been wearing tons of Black&White- believe me, I know! However, I always try to add a pop of color when it comes to lipstick…more

Breaking the Petite Standard In Gaucho Pants

I wasn't sure about this gaucho-pant trend at first- not because I didn't like them, but because I read everywhere that petites should avoid them. But guess what? I don't care.more

OOTD: CheckMate

Clean. Sweater, skinnies and heels are a classic combo. But the sleeves and the gray denim make it more interesting.more

4 Ways to Wear A Basic Tee- From Flats to Heels

With 365 days in a year and only so much room in a closet, rethinking the ways you wear an item is a must. It is easy to get stuck in a rut, always pairing the same or similar pieces...more

Lace Shift Dress- Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I share my blush lace dress that I made myself for my birthday. Today I'm back with the tutorial!more

Give A Pop to Double Denim with Embellished Accessories

Great weather and the beautiful sunsets help to take super simple look from day to night. This is a look that I took from day to night by the quick switch of a shoe, a couple pieces of jewelry and...more