Things We Love

The New Brand to Know: Saint Sal

I have mentioned before that I'm very into edgy what better way to edge up an outfit: a little bit of leather and a dark lipstick!more

DIY: Refashioned Scalloped Hemline

I don't know what it is about scallops, but I just love them. They're a simple little detail that changes the entire look of a piece, and they're so whimsical and unexpected.more

Gain Inspiration From Your Style Community by Using WEAR

I recently discovered a really great new shopping app and site called WEAR which is pretty much a style community which features brands and fashionable outfits from around the world – a great place to get some inspiration for those...more

Add A Pop to Your Classic Black & White Look, With Just A Lipstick

Yeah, I know… I have been wearing tons of Black&White- believe me, I know! However, I always try to add a pop of color when it comes to lipstick…more

Breaking the Petite Standard In Gaucho Pants

I wasn't sure about this gaucho-pant trend at first- not because I didn't like them, but because I read everywhere that petites should avoid them. But guess what? I don't care.more

OOTD: CheckMate

Clean. Sweater, skinnies and heels are a classic combo. But the sleeves and the gray denim make it more interesting.more

4 Ways to Wear A Basic Tee- From Flats to Heels

With 365 days in a year and only so much room in a closet, rethinking the ways you wear an item is a must. It is easy to get stuck in a rut, always pairing the same or similar pieces...more

Lace Shift Dress- Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I share my blush lace dress that I made myself for my birthday. Today I'm back with the tutorial!more

Give A Pop to Double Denim with Embellished Accessories

Great weather and the beautiful sunsets help to take super simple look from day to night. This is a look that I took from day to night by the quick switch of a shoe, a couple pieces of jewelry and...more

4 Need to Know Tips on Jewelry Layering

But even the most simple jewelry can be fun to play around with sometimes, and one of my favorite ways to amp up the basic, delicate pieces is to layer them.more