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Gareth Pugh Fall 2012 Is For The Birds

Not just any bird. Our bird. The Bald Eagle. And how regal they look! Fur and feathered arms for wings, expanding at the hand ready for flight. The skullcap heads...more

Muppets Take The Runway!

The Muppets Wriggle Their Way Into Opening Ceremony

With a karate chop and a plaintive banjo strum, the Muppets x Opening Ceremony collection is finally here. Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Animal and of course, the diva herself, Miss Piggy get...more

5 Trends for Fall's First Chill

Later this week, Spring 2012 will permeate the interwebs, making us go googly eyed over trends we won't fully appreciate for another six months. Meanwhile, I stepped outside today to...more

INDIE NEWSROOM: The Price of Love Dropping...Miss Piggy, Diva Designer...Earthquake in NY?

- Another reason not to get married: cheap fiances. I get it, you liked it enough to put a ring on it, but show that you liked it enough to...more

6 Muppet Styles to Tickle Your Snuffaluffagus

Muppets are leapfrogging out of Sesame Street and into fashion's bright lights. Kermit, Fozzy, and that other trashy thing with the bushy brows and sharp teeth – they're all there....more

Meet the Magnificent Muppets from "Monster" (and Some Rappers)

You probably saw Kanye's leaked "Monster" video. You may have watched the Muppet spoof. But have you met the Muppet personalities whom the stars yearn to be like? [Above: Rick...more

Light Your Vagazzle With Lady GaGa

Good thing slash bad thing, which ever you choose, sorry ladies this isn't really for your vagazzle, this is the Lady GaGa Fleshlight... far from sounding the least bit attractive,...more

American Apparel Muppet CollaboNO!

Celebrating Sesame Street's 40th anniversary, American Apparel the California-based clothing company will release a "limited-edition"  t-shirt that will feature line drawings of Jim Henson's characters. My beloved past time Jim Hensen characters...more

Miss Piggy Would Not Be Pleased

Oh god, this is total bullfrog shit. This is the type of corny ass fashion stuff you see coming out of first year FIT students, you know that "couture" wannabe...more