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Fashion App for Your iPad

As a true fashion lover, I love good deals and shopping online.more

Vote for Style Me Grasie

Vote for me to win $600 in XOXO goodies!more

shopbop's new designers!

The rapid rise of the digital age in the context of fashion doesn't stop at simply promoting accessibility, breaking down barriers of exclusivity and giving online influencers a place among...more

3 Ways to Get the Perfect Fit While Shopping Online

How comfortable do you feel buying clothes online? Have you ever received something in the mail and, after days or weeks of anticipation, been disappointed because it doesn’t fit like...more

ShopMyLabel: Best New Way to Make Paper

ShopMyLabel might be the most fun - and addictive - way to make money. Ever wanted to have your own clothing boutique or be a personal shopper for your friends? Well,...more

What Is Wantworthy?

For some of us, 'addicted to online-shopping' is a phrase we throw around casually, usually after we've made a big purchase we're proud of. For others, there's a darkness to...more

Hangover Hanger: Today’s Best Online Sales

Sunday Hangover [suhn-dey, hang-oh-ver]  (noun): The horrific hangover one wakes up with after a weekend full of drunken debauchery. Partying your Saturday night away can be a blast, but waking up...more

Shop Emerging Designers first at FABLOGUE

"Where did you get that?" is a question any trendsetter is asked on the daily. But don't fret, if you're running out of inspiring places to shop we've found a...more

Designer Daily: Frank & Oak Bringing Men's Style Right To Your Door

Frank & Oak is a brand new and groundbreaking online shop for men launching today. Its mission is to bring the clothes men crave, efficiently, affordably and intelligently. Frank & Oak breaks the...more

BROADCAST: 700 Japanese Fashion Brands Found on

Japanese style is so sleek. It's no secret; they're adventurous with minimalism, wild about layers, playfully curious with new silhouettes. Now we can shop Japan's Soho equivalents, Shibuya and Harajuku...more