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GET TO KNOW: Coco Rocha

A few weeks ago, I met up with supermodel Coco Rocha, who was promoting her new show, The Face, to a group of fans in Westchester Mall. We chatted about her...more

The Gays Love Paris Hilton, but She Thinks Most of Them Have AIDS

A New York City cab driver recorded a conversation between socialite Paris Hilton and her gay-male confidant where she makes some seriously derogatory remarks about the gay male community. Paris...more

Lady Gaga's Head Tattoo

In a move to honor the death of Terry Richardson's mother, mother monster Lady Gaga has shaved her head and has gotten a scalp tattoo. Last night she attended her launch...more

THE DAILY BACK ROW: Loungin' on the Edge

An insider look from the outside. Issue 4: Tequila mockingbird.  Fashion Week lounges are the best thing in the world. Better than hugs, better than unicorns, better than random sex...more

NYFW Cheat Sheet: The Blonds

One of the stand alone most fun shows we've been to all week, designer duo The Blonds did not disappoint. When the models strutted  by the front row celebs including Adam Lambert,...more

The Swans of Society: Babe Paley

Way before Paris Hilton orgasmed her way into the nation's hearts and minds, the American socialite was a thing of beauty. Wrapped up in our security blanket of democracy, Americans...more

Apparently It's Really Easy to Break Into Kanye's House

Kanye West should probably spend more time watching his throne as the rapper's Los Angeles pad was burgled last night.  It seems like robbing the homes of the rich and...more

Paris Hilton Is a DJ Now

Celebrity sex tape pioneer Paris Hilton is still hanging around after over a decade of dubious distinction and is about to start handing out DJs. Not content to go quietly...more

Jessica Biel-Timberlake Covers W, Madonna Gives Adele Some Advice, Jon H.A.M. on Kim Kardashian

- Famed fashion designer and purveyor of capris, Gloria Sachs, died in her sleep on Monday. She was 85. [WWD] - Since I know you've been wanting more of The Real Housewives of...more

Aggy Deyn's Old and a Liar, Christopher Kane Denies Dior Rumors and Karlie's Runway Return

- Agyness Deyn admits she lied about her age when she started modeling. Which is understandable, I still claim I'm under 100. [Telegraph] - While Suzy Menkes thinks Christopher Kane...more