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3 Tips For Perfect Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is definitely one of my favorite ways to dress -- combining bright or bold or busy patterns make an outfit so fun and interesting. But pattern mixing is successful only if you strike the right balance between the...more

Just Add Jeans: French Girl Style

I never use real patterns when sewing my clothes, but today I'm making an exception since some of my amazing seamstress friends just came out with a gorgeous new women's top pattern collection. It has four fabulous tops in the...more

Men's Street Style - Milan


Late last year I moved into a cozy little house, after living in an apartment for so many years.more

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10 Bella Street Style Snaps from Men's 2013 Fashion Week in Milan

For the past three days in Milan, men's fashion has been the talk of the town. Brands like Giorgio Armani, Missoni, and Moschino are parading their Spring/Summer collections for 2013 down...more

10 Most Unglamorous Facets of Fashion Design

Runway. Red carpet. Vogue editorials. Ad Campaigns. Silk ruffled into clouds. It all looks effortlessly divine. Design gods like Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld make designing the most fabulous dresses...more

Jessica Szohr Shares Her Fashion Tips With Fashion Indie

Jessica Szohr took some time out while she was in NYC for the Dove Go Sleeveless campaign to share her personal fashion tips with us. Here are some tip directly...more