Things We Love

What's Trending VS the Classics

I truly believe that when you invest a lot of money on a piece the best thing you can do is to exploit its potential and wear it for different occasions, that’s when you know you made a good buy....more

Fall Juxtaposition

Sunny and ideal days with refreshing nights where you can wear those lightweight jackets that besides providing some visual interest to the outfit, are also helpful to create contrast, juxtaposition and complement the whole look, like this red trench coat...more

Addding Texture to White Layers, with Beaded Jeans

A combination of different whites with some of my preferred black basics, the protagonist of the outfit are the pants, of course, I found them on a bazar for a steal, it’s a new treasure in my wardrobe .more

The Leather Situation

Luckily, on the last days of fashion week the weather got so much better, I was even able to easily wear an outfit with two of my favorite faux leather garments (and then I ask myself, is there a leather...more

The Secret to Pulling off the Shirt-for-a-Skirt Trend

This could be an excellent option if you’re out of clean clothes and the only thing you have left are those boring labor shirts, despite this total white outfit is quite sexy because it shows some skin.more

The Two Items You Can Pair Anytime, & Anywhere

This white tee by Monrow and jeans by Citizens (which I super cuffed) have been on repeat for me over the past couple weeks. Super cropped jeans are everything to me these days.more

How to Wear the Anywhere Combo

It’s always handy to have pre-made outfits ready to be worn, how many of us have been in the situation where something unexpected happens and you have to get out of your house in three minutes and still look really...more

Overalls- The Way of Summer Life

Overalls and crop tops have been a way of life for me all summer long. My overall collection is at an all time high, and this style by Hudson Jeans is my few favorite.more

Playing With Summer Textures

One of the easiest combinations that actually seems like you took a lot of time to put together your outfit, is to mix and match leopard with denim and a base colormore

The Classic Basics: Jeans & Red Lips

What I love about basic yet not-so-basic pieces is that with a knot over here, a sheer detail over there and a vibrant touch of color you get a super chic, effortless and timeless outfit.more