Things We Love

The Formula for Effortless Spring Layering

Spring, besides from being my favorite season of the year, brings a lot of possibilities to create interesting layers that in other seasons wouldn’t be as practical, at least I haven’t met anybody who dares to wear three top layers...more

Get Your Style Made to Order

So many times, there’s something I’m looking for that either doesn’t exist, exists- but not in the perfect form, or exists but is way, way, way, way overpriced. The solution: make it yourself.more

Risky Style Challenges for Shorter Girls

It’s a completely different rule of proportions to what I’m used to being a short legged girl, but after thinking about it and seeing some examples, I think culottes aren’t that much different from the role that midi skirts play...more

Thrashed Denim- The Key to Effortlessness

If any piece of clothing is totally thrashed and looks ruined/worn I love it. I love a look that’s effortless, easy and seems careless.more

Simplify It In Stripes

I love very simple, classy tops that are very laid back and easy to go about your day in. PLUS you can never go wrong with stripes.more

Making Mom Jeans Happen

I wore wearing mom jeans today, and it didn’t suck. I received a pair of MILF jeans that I personally selected from Nasty Gal, but was hesitant to wear them...more

Leather on Leather Layering Has No Rules

I don’t wear skirts very often but I saw myself wearing it with some converse or heels & a T-Shirt. Since its still cold in Salt Lake I opt’d for my favorite Iro Jacket.more

Nothing Like A Sunday Mood

‘Cause Sundays were made to dress comfortably, without having to worry about the effortlessly shape your hair took after a Saturday night out while enjoying late brunches (think 4:00 p.m. or so). That’s my goal for every Sunday.more

Preparing for the Weather

The idea is to create layers, and to do that you don’t actually need to buy new things or limit yourself to thick fabrics, but to mix and match the things you already have. Look for garments you can easily...more

Wardrobe Color Theory & the Effects of Olive Green

Let’s talk about color theory and how the shade of the garments you decide to wear in the mornings can affect your day and the ones who surround you.more