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Careless-Cool Vibes for Summer In Maxis + Birks

A super casual outfit in this oversized maxi dress and slip-on birks! During the summer it always seems that the less you try for an outfit, the better they turn out.more

DESIGNER DAILY: Raquel Allegra

You know that distressed clinky t-shirt-cum-soft-cloud of sheer that's been spotted everywhere? It all started with Raquel Allegra, when she found the purpose for her idle hands: seam ripping her cotton...more

Elizabeth Kott Goes Into The Closet – Comes Out Rich

Closet Rich is anything but your typical online vintage store. Yes, there you can buy fabulous, au courant pre-loved-and-worn items. But founder Elizabeth Kott takes a brilliantly personal approach to gathering...more

INTERVIEW: Designer Raquel Allegra Makes Gaga Lose Her Sh*t

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have fought Nicole Ritchie for these clothes. Lady Gaga demanded they be in her music video. Barney's clients were lusting over them before they were even on...more

STORY OF: T-Shirts

  T-shirts may never go out of style, but as with any fashion item they have gone through their fair share of trends. Click to see view their progression from...more

Too Cute At Coachella

Coachella [noun] Co-chell-a: A three-day concert event in Indio, California where one will undoubtedly sweat profusely, pass out in the grass from heat exhaustion, have beer spilled upon oneself,  be pushed and...more


  Keeping a hint of elegance in her modern interpretation of vintage dresses, Raquel Allegra is a designer ready to take on flirty yet sophisticated fashions. Creating dresses, t shirts,...more

Designer: Raquel Allegra

Shopflick: Visit this store | Get your own Store! I am absolutely loving this designer. Raquel Allegra is an LA based fashion designer who takes old shirts from the LA...more