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We're Judgmental of Nicki Minaj's Judgement Abilities

After rumors were swimming around for weeks regarding who was to be the next judge on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has released that female rapper Nicki Minaj will be the latest to...more

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber to Ring in the New Year in NYC

It looks like teen love birds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will be ringing in the New Year together in New York City. Gomez is slated to perform at MTV's...more

Apparently Zac Efron is Gay...and Other Things I Could've Told You 5 Years Ago

America's number one newspaper, the National Enquirer -- you know, if every other newspaper in America was wiped out in a freak fire that would probably be set by the National...more

MTV's The City is Canceled for The Love of Olivia Palermo

Whitney Port tells all about the rumors of The City cancelation! Ryan Seacrest that CREEP is first to report. "As of right now it doesn't really look like we're doing...more

Still Need a Halloween Costume? Fake Boobs and a Scarf Will Get You JWOWW!

JWOWW's website for her clothing line Filthy Couture may be down, but DO NOT FEAR. She tells us exactly how to dress like her for Halloween even though her designs...more

HOMBRE: Meet Miles Siggins, The Man Behind Ryan Seacrest's Idolized Style [@burberry]

So American Idol might be over, but the style will live on forever. Okay, maybe not, but seriously Ryan Seacrest remains one of the best dressed hosts in history with...more

Live Blog: Grammy Awards Red Carpet, Performances, and More

11:26pm Finally... album of the year goes to Taylor Swift! Well deserved! Take that Kanye! 11:15pm  I love/miss/adore/admire Eminem! 10:00pm Prince and Paris Jackson on stage! 10:00pm Why weren't we...more

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

I love seeing old photos of celebrities..especially when they've changed this much!! Prepare to laugh... -- 1. Lil Jon 2. Ryan Seacrest 3. Kate Gosselin (not sure which is worse)...more

THE TEN: Tweets From Industry Peeps Over Kanye Controversy

In case you live under a rock and haven't heard about Kanye West turning super-douche and interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the VMAs last night, here's the video: And...more

Before They Hit Puberty And Got Highlights

GUESS WHO??? Do I even need to give a commentary? I think not.more