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The Unexpected Protagonist Piece Under the Layers

My favorite piece from this look is definitely the Windsor sweater which, matched with a coat looks very sleek and chic, until you take the coat off and it turns into the protagonist garment that will make people stare. Guaranteed.more

The Infallible Formula of Mixing Formal with Informal

Mixing the formal with the informal has always been one of my favorites aspects of fashion, I don’t like to label my garments into ‘labor’ or ‘casuals’ in my closet nor when I mix them together, deep down I know...more

Keeping Travel Wear Soft & Comfy

Believe it or not, I flew to NYFW with only one standard size suitcase with even some room left for my new purchases, and on the last day I managed to mix and match the skinny jeans in which I...more

Make Denim Your Allie by Living In Levis

That’s why I’ve joined the Live in Levi’s campaign with the iconic brand Levi’s, hundreds of people are joining on Instagram with the #LiveinLevis hashtag showing how they wear their denim, new or vintage, in their daily life.more

Playing With Summer Textures

One of the easiest combinations that actually seems like you took a lot of time to put together your outfit, is to mix and match leopard with denim and a base colormore

Letting Go of Fashion Pre-Judgements

I thought for so many years that it was definitely not my color and that I had to wear it only on accessories or bottoms like a skirt or pants, the other day I decided to remove that stigma and...more

The Sunday Jumpsuit

On Sundays I like to show you outfits that are comfortable yet exceed the chicness of the usual weekend choices, but I couldn’t avoid to wear my new strappy Andrea sandals, which have nothing to ask to the designers shoes...more

Th Perfect Maxi for Making a Statement

One of the styles I wanted to try pretty much since Spring started were the maxi dresses; easy to wear, saviours of not-so-informal moments and with a undoubtedly visual interest, leaving a trail of silk, movement and color when you...more

How to Balance Out a Head-to-Toe Denim Look

A completely head-to-toe denim outfit with some preferred accessories (and my new Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, yey!), to demonstrate myself (and maybe my ex-classmate) that you can wear this kind of outfit, you just need to find the balance between...more

Subtle & Sexy: Barring Shoulders For Summer

Bare Shoulders For Summer. Off-the-shoulder tops or dresses instantly feel boho-chic to me, they’re the perfect piece to show a little skin this summer and plus they’re so sexy in a subtle way!more

  • Jun 26, 2014
  • Joo
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