Things We Love

The Infallible Monday Attire

Rise your hand if you like Mondays. No one? I’m not surprised, unless it’s your day off there are little reasons to be excited about its arrival but there’s always a way to cope it.more

Easy Breezy Layers to Beat the Heat

I’m happy to realise my life isn’t a runway full of HD cameras where I’d worry about my messy hair and the wrinkled clothes, but instead where I can wear my semi-ironed trousers and my favourite silk camisole to go...more

The Last Round for Sweaters Is Upon Us

The season where the key to every outfit won’t be the amount of clothes you’re wearing, but the uniqueness of the accessories, will begin pretty soon.more

Take Two and Avoid the Outfit Regret

It isn’t something that happens everyday, but sometimes photos simply don’t go as planned. It could be that the location wasn’t the best, that your mood isn’t on the ideal point or maybe creativity decided not to present itself that...more

Jumpsuit Season In Miami

Jumpsuits are so easy to wear, just throw one on and your outfit is complete. This one is super affordable at $66 and comes in a few different colors.more

All That Glitters

There is certainly something to be said about the power of a twinkly party dress like this one by Kate Spade Saturday. I have always styled outfits based on my mood, and sometimes that means putting on an piece that’ll...more

The Importance of Basics In Your Wardrobe

Since then I live for the basic, which for some can be boring and too simple, for me is the lifestyle I adopted and that I wouldn’t change nor by all the Moschino in the world.more

The Unexpected Protagonist Piece Under the Layers

My favorite piece from this look is definitely the Windsor sweater which, matched with a coat looks very sleek and chic, until you take the coat off and it turns into the protagonist garment that will make people stare. Guaranteed.more

The Infallible Formula of Mixing Formal with Informal

Mixing the formal with the informal has always been one of my favorites aspects of fashion, I don’t like to label my garments into ‘labor’ or ‘casuals’ in my closet nor when I mix them together, deep down I know...more

Keeping Travel Wear Soft & Comfy

Believe it or not, I flew to NYFW with only one standard size suitcase with even some room left for my new purchases, and on the last day I managed to mix and match the skinny jeans in which I...more