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Celebrities Wearing The American Flag

There are two things we love here at FashionIndie: celebrities & America. To celebrate the 235th anniversary of our great country we've compiled a slideshow of our favorite celebs showing...more

Coachella Fashion Bashes: Belvedere, Lacoste & Armani Exchange Rocked Our Socks

Bizarro Celebrities from the Midwest of Doom!

You ever wonder what celebrities would look like if they were normal people? Yeah, me neither, but luckily someone did and here are the benefits of their hard work. Ladies...more

Tara Reid Still Working On That Comeback

At one point earlier this year there were grumblings of Tara Reid looking better and getting ready for a comeback, no doubt started by Reid herself but seemingly supported by...more

  • Nov 12, 2010
  • Jill
  • 3 photos

Heidi Montag Beware! This Could Happen to You!

This could be Tara Reid or Rachel's actually Donatella Versace...or all the above!more

WTF?!?! Tara Reid Took Her Clothes Off

The above is Tara Reid in the new issue of Playboy (you can see the NSFW images here), and the below photo is obviously what she really looks like. So...more

IN CASE YOU CARE: Tara Reid Does Playboy

Last time I checked Tara was missing a set of boobs! LINK LOVE: Socialitelifemore

THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

I love seeing old photos of celebrities..especially when they've changed this much!! Prepare to laugh... -- 1. Lil Jon 2. Ryan Seacrest 3. Kate Gosselin (not sure which is worse)...more

This One is For the Boys!

Random gallery of celebrities wearing see through clothing, some good some not soo good! GALLERY: Celebrity Boobs LINKAGE: Fleshbot via CityRagmore

Lindsay Lohan Manages to Get a Job. Finally Makes Payment on Mortgage.

Lohan must be living check by check these days cause she's making some seriously shitastic career decisions. Case in point, this ad for Fornarina. Apparently it's the Italian answer to...more