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Glamcraft 101: Spray-on Fabric

Design your own clothes and bring them into existence without stitching, fabric cutting and etc.? You must be kidding me... not. Not when Spray-on Fabric was invented and brought to...more

style journal // beats by dre.

Musical Diamonds, Anyone?

I was waiting for a flight when I realized, that my very colorful and cheap drugstore headphones had died dead.more

6 Leadership Tips from Burberry's former CEO, Angela Ahrendts

Layla, You’ve Got Me on My Knees

I recently was upgraded on a cross-country flightmore

4 Smartphone Apps to Get You in Socialite Shape

When @Burberry kisses @Google

Is it possible to bring technology and high fashion together? Burberry and Google did by creating “Burberry Kisses”, an interactive ad campaign!more

Finally, the $90,000 Hermes t-shirt is really not expensive!!!

The 10 Coolest Accessories for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 dropped today, and rumor has it the Apple store will not be selling cases yet. We wouldn't want you to ruin your new bundle of techie joy in...more

Transfer Your Doodles to Your Laptop With Moleskin's Smart Notebook

Passing notes was a thing we did in middle school with our crush that sat across the class from us. As your crush has matured from a pimply 13-year old...more