Things We Love

Adding a Fedora to Your Outfit

Then there’s the fedora that brought out the grey tones in the outfit and worked well with the knitted scarf, casually hung around my neck. A watch goes with any outfit and even a “manbag” is certainly not considered anything...more

Stop Planning, and Start Doing for 2015

2015. A new chapter and all… I didn’t make any resolutions this year. And I don’t plan on ever making one again. I decided to just do what I want to do, when I want to do it.more

How the Ultimate Gucci Jet-Setter Dresses

I firmly believe everyone needs to have at least one oversized duffle for travel purposes and it also doesn’t hurt when it’s designer label too, am I right?more

Dress to Guarantee Individuality

This blue lace dress is one of the most unique finds in my closet, and since finding it I love the whole Self-Portrait line. If you don’t like showing up to a party in the same outfit as another girl,...more

Ready for Spring Prints

Lucky the humid Sydney weather calmed down a little bit last week and I managed to have a few days of normal hair and makeup and was able to wear my new summer printed shorts by Gabrielle Brown for Target.more

A Softer Way to Pair Leopard Print

Animal prints sometimes make you think of bold, strong colors, but I love the idea of pairing them with pale pastels. This rosy pink coat is one of my new favorites. It's going to give a girly touch to all...more

Booties, Jackets & Layers on Repeat

I love the mix of pink and red in this floral Ted Baker blouse – a great pick to pair with skirts, too. Mixed with a red biker jacket I’m ready for a day out in town.more

SoHo Vibes

There’s just an innate coolness and energy among the cobblestone streets – a sense like you don’t know who you might run into that keeps you on your toes...and in your Ted Baker stilettos.more

Indie Obsession: Virgos Lounge Dresses

This dress is one that I will keep forever and pull out for those special occasions. I wish I would have known about Virgos Lounge when I was getting married because their dresses would have been perfect for bridesmaids.more

SoHo Street Style In Ted baker

This Tartan coat is giving me life and I love that the stripes are so subtle because I can pair it with a variety of different autumn pieces. To be honest though, I love the coat mostly because it makes...more