Things We Love

The Quintessential Winter Look

I was telling my friends how much my wardrobe has turned 90% black during winter – I quite like it though! It is definitely my favourite colour for fashion.more

Not So Mellow Yellow

There's nothing like a light-bright coat to turn an otherwise drab outfit into something fab.more

Blanket Cape: How-to Wear the Trend That's Everywhere This Season

Blanket capes have been everywhere this season. I personally am a fan of this type of draped outerwear because it combines comfort & warmth, plus it gives a chic touch to neutral basics.more

Print Mixing: Finding the Perfect Combination

It’s not that easy to find two prints which work perfectly with each other, and usually it takes some time to find the perfect combination. While others, these two prints seem to be made to be together and that what...more

Polar Material

My other not-so-polar-but-just-the-colour box clutch is so cute for winter-time. I couldn’t be happier with the girl from Jimmy Choo selecting this white one for me. You see, you can wear it during the day, not only in an evening...more

Nothing Pops Like Lush Color and Bold Prints

The location, the styling, the light, everything seem to work perfectly together, creating this little turquoise story, so I must say I'm really pleased with the final result.more

Statement Accessory: The Fluffy Bag

I believe the constant wind of London Town has been some kind of a test from the Universe for my sanity and self-control, or perhaps it is another game deities like to play from time to time.more

It’s All About The Boots

There was a time when I used to look at people living in cities like Paris or London and never go around the city discovering new places.more

The Denim Rewear Resolution

2 years ago it was to only shop economically, buying nothing that was over 200 dollars. Last year it was to wear what I wanted regardless of trends. This year it's to look back in my closet and REWEAR my...more

This Nineties Throwback Is Making a Comeback