Things We Love

Roomlia- The Fastest Way to Book a Hotel Room

If you’re ever in need of a hotel, try Roomlia, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.more

Three Trends to Watch This Spring

Gosh, there are so many good trends for spring, all of which I'm dying to add to my closet and/or DIY. Three of my absolute favorites are fringe, chartreuse, and kimonos.more

From the Oscars to Streetstyle with DSW

While incorporating most Oscar fashion into your everyday look is not easy, nor practical, the cape dress translates with ease. I decided to put together a look showing you how I did just that.more

#OOTD: Checking out

if I were there, then I figure I’d be wearing this; no brainer with her fuzzy, neon checks. Except, right now, I’ve got other fuzzies to be dealing with.more

INDIE Travels: Milano

It’s getting to be a lot of fun playing with this whole 70s rocker girl kinda style. I’m even adding some subdued colors into the mix, which seems so unlike me, but I love it.more

What You Need to Know About the Topshop Personal Shopping Experience

next to their usual shopping experience – filled with latest trends and every season a really cool runway collection – they offer a quiet section, filled with as many beautiful clothes as you want, a fresh bottle of water, and...more

Prints to Put You In the Spirit of Spring

After barely steering from a monochromatic colour palette over the winter, I decided it was about time that I added a pop of colour to my life as the season transitions. I ordered a few bits from Missguided and Motel...more

Check Yourself: Breaking Up the Basics

A check print is my favorite way to incorporate color and/or texture to an outfit that would be otherwise basic. Not that basic is something to avoid [people love basic] but it can appear repetitive and boring if styled a...more

Refashion: From Cape to Dress

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; when life gives you a closet full of capes, make dresses.more

A Modern Spin, On Classic Pearls

I put a modern Rachel-Marie spin on these pearls from the Pearl Source. I paired the pearl earrings and this pearl necklace with some red plaid to give it a grunge feel.more