Things We Love

The Timelessness & Sophistication of the Perfect Fall Poncho

I've been anxious to get a poncho for Fall. I was immediately drawn to the detailing on this one with the faux leather pockets and gold zippers on the side.more

The Alpha Woman- Wearing the Pants

The antiquated notion that pants are for men is as dated as the theory that there is a superior gender. And let’s get something else straight, putting on pants doesn’t mean losing your femininity and sense of sexuality.more

Warm Tones & Fall Fashion with H&M

There is something about warm tones that scream Fall. That's why I was drawn to this H&M boxy jeweled top.more

Finding Your Trademark Scent

I feel like we all get pretty wrapped up in finding a “signature style” . . . but what about finding your signature scent? After all, a woman’s perfume is just as important as her handwriting {according to Dior}.more

Everything You Need to Know About Tory Burch's First Fragrance

Tory Burch has just come out with her first fragrance and I have to say, I am positively head over heels for it. As you might have guessed, it is the epitome of her brand aesthetic: modern, colorful, classic, and...more

Elegance and Beauty in Tory Burch Fragrance

For all of you moms out there, and especially those who have newborns, you will understand what I mean when I say I feel like a mess most of the time—and the best way for me to feel more like...more

Top 5 Beach Side Essentials

When it comes to prepping for beach vacations, there are a handful of items I will kick myself at the security gate for not remembering (and then frantically search for said items when I land at my destination).more

Summer Beauty Favorites to Take Into Fall

Even though I know summer will be coming to an end soon, that doesn't mean that I will love these Summer Beauty Favorites any less, trust me! These beauty products have been apart of my summer beauty routine all summer...more

In Full Bloom

As you can see my love affair with dresses is in full swing! The particular one I'm wearing in today's post, in an old favorite. I've had it for about a year now and wore it countless times on so...more

Cutouts Stunning Enough to Stop NYC Traffic

I simply do not know how my fellow bloggers spend so much time on the road. I have been trying, so hard, to keep my eye on the prize. . . to keep forging ahead, career driven and goal oriented.more