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Capucine Safyurtlu

Who Wore Dolce & Gabbana Best On Vogue Paris?

Usually when a magazine releases multiple covers they try to make them visibly different. Vogue Paris, on the other hand, doesn't believe in playing by the norms and featured 3 of fashion's biggest...more

Leggo Saint Laurent's New Logo Today in Indie Newsroom

Indie Newsroom is brought to you by Saint Laurent's new logo, another Anna-Obama dinner and Dov Charney's disarming laughter.  - The new Saint Laurent Paris logo is more or less...more

American in Paris: Mainbocher and the Americanization of Parisian Couture

Hailing from Chicago, Main Rousseau Bocher (1890-1976) became the premier American couturier in Paris only to bring his exacting and elegant creations back home where they found fans among the cream...more

Buyers Anonymously Praise Hedi Slimane's First YSL Collection

Hedi Slimane made his unofficial debut as creative director of Yves Saint Laurent -- soon to be Saint Laurent Paris -- with a buyer's only presentation of women's resort and...more

Is Condé Nast Bullying Photographers and Editors into Boycotting Carine Roitfeld's New Mag?

Though Carine Roitfeld has no intentions for her upcoming magazine, CR Fashion Book, to compete with the Vogues of the world, Condé Nast apparently still holds a grudge against the former...more

Where There's Le Smoking, There's Bound to Be Fire

Hillary Clinton Goes H.A.M. in Colombia, Tupac Rocks Coachella and French Vogue Now in English

-Chin up! Chin augmentation is now the fastest growing plastic surgery in America, making one long for the less complicated days of face-lifts, boob jobs and voluntary lipo. [Huff Po]...more

Introducing "CR": Carine Roitfeld's New Magazine

Editirix extraordinaire Carine Rotifeld has started spilling the beans on her new biannual magazine, officially called CR Fashion Book. Describing it as a "celebration of fashion and creativity," each issue...more

Michelle Obama Covers Ebony, Kim & Kanye to Form Kimye and Barbie Aims for the White House

- Beyoncé's taking over social media -- she's Tweetin' (presumably Facebookin') and now Tumblin'. Bey's got a Tumblr, or as I like to call it, "What I'm Doing This Weekend."...more