Things We Love

Androgyny in Music: From Bowie to Bieber

Having explored cinema's obsession with androgyny, we now turn our attention to the world of music where sexual ambiguity can more often be a rocking asset than a rolling liability. ...more

SHOE ENVY: DV by Dolce Vita Layna Glitter Boot

Throw on some Ziggy Stardust and strap these fly glitter boots on your feet for a guaranteed glam good time. DV by Dolce Vita puts the funk into chunk with...more

THE DAILY GASP: Daphne Guinness for Vogue Germany

"You've got your mother in a whirl/ She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl."  Daphne Guinness takes an androgynous turn as a rock star of David Bowie proportions in "Rebel,...more

THE DAILY GASP: Kate Moss for Vogue Paris

Kate Moss has done Davie Bowie for a Vogue cover before, lest we remind you of this stunner from Vogue UK's May 2003 issue. And god (i.e. Anna Wintour) knows...more

SPREAD UM: Tyler Riggs, Dennis Johnson, And Tommy Cox By Nagi Saki For Tush

        Makeup artist Tyron Machhausen created a cool Ziggy Stardust look for this shoot, with all of that paint and glitter. I love the gender-bending looks, and think...more