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Ten Ways To Make Your Jeans Your Own

Ten Ways To Make Your Jeans Your Own

Everyone has that one pair of jeans that they love to death, and more or less live in. Unfortunately it eventually becomes time to trash them and start over. Lucky for you I have a few tips to making you jeans completely your own, and super comfy at the same time.

Caution: Some of these tips border on grungy hipster!


  1. Avoid washing your jeans. The more you wash them the cleaner (duh!) and color bleached they get. This can result in your jeans getting a bit smelly. Try throwing them in the freezer over night. The cold air will pull out and neutralize the smell, then just give them a little Febreze. Wash only in time of desperation.
  2. Don’t be scared to get dirty. Spill crap on them, wipe your hands on them, piss in them (not a good idea) whatever you have to do. This will make them original and reflect yourself as well. These jeans should be more like a self portrait than a piece of clothing. If they get a little too dirty get a wet towel and give them a little scrub.
  3. Sleep in your jeans!
  4. Sweat is always good. Sweat will loosen up the fabric without draining color.
  5. Get a timeless style and wash. Don’t get the super trendy style and wash at the time. These jeans are going to be with you for a while you don’t want them to go out of style.
  6. Let defects happen naturally. We can tell when the holes in the knees of your jeans were cut into them, and that’s not cool. Naturally forming holes in your jeans are awesome!
  7. Wear them in the shower. After not washing these bad boys for awhile they are going to loosen up. Washing them in just water with you in them will prevent them from shrinking too much, and be sure to hang dry them.
  8. Do your best to wear them everyday. Hopefully you have cool, non-judgemental¬†roommates like I do, and they won’t mind seeing you in your cool jeans. Throw your jeans on in any appropriate setting, whether is be lounging around your apartment all weekend or out to a casual bar. The more you wear them the faster they will break in. Come home from work everyday and skip the sweatpants and grab your jeans.
  9. Leave them lie around your apartment. Walking on them with get them wrinkled and distressed. Ragged jeans don’t look good neatly folded and ironed.
  10. Don’t over do it. There is no do-overs in this process. Take your time and work carefully. This process could take more than a year.


Fashion Indie wants to see your favorite comfy jeans. Head over to Cultindie to post your pictures and tips!

Written by Corey Moran

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