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“I’m Not a Hipster” and Other Things Hipsters Say #2

Another installment of “I’m Not a Hipster” inspired by this Sunday’s New York Times Style section

Here’s Randall Dawkins.

“I’m Not a Hipster” and Other Things Hipsters Say #2 fashion

He was photographed at the Brooklyn Flea Market-Randall this one’s for you!

You Ask: “Hey I like that jacket, is that vintage?”

They Say :( eye roll, indifferent tone) “No, it’s Balenciaga……”

What They Really Mean: Two things:

First: Fuuuucccckkk You!

Second: Thank you. It’s a funny story-my ex and I time-shared this Balenciega coat. I got it in the break-up, but he got the Dior Homme skinny jeans, Fucker.

More to come.

Living in New York this thing writes itself.

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