0 The New 2? Nix That; We’re Thinking 2 The New 0

0 The New 2? Nix That; Were Thinking 2 The New 0 fashion

It’s certainly not news to anyone that models found stomping their pumps on the runway have been getting increasingly more frail. Though people love to point fingers in various directions, for speculations of the cause, it really would be nearly impossible to blame any one source. All in all, it’s an epidemic that has been getting completely beyond a well-grasped control. Of course there were the runway shows in Madrid, which banned super-skinny models from getting their time in the limelight for all to observe their near skeletal figures, but did catalogs stop featuring super-skinny models? No. Did high fashion models have a major change in figure size? absolutely not.

0 The New 2? Nix That; Were Thinking 2 The New 0 fashion

Recently, not only have spectators been watching these models as they sit wide eyed with mouths hung open, people have been taking action and making the move toward a healthier model, and people are certainly taking notice. In a recent Anthropology catalog, a featured model caught glowing eyes with a healthy ensemble. Is this the start of a new movement? We sure do hope so. With advertisements like these, maybe we’re steering away from the ideal of a size zero or double zero model.

0 The New 2? Nix That; Were Thinking 2 The New 0 fashion

Recently even those more characteristically in the public eye have made the move to rear from super-thin. As Rachel Zoe tried on dresses for a Bazaar photoshoot, she expressed her sincere gratification that touch ups were made to take her from a frail 0 to a healthy 8. Zoe says of the positively changing scene, “I don’t have one client right now who is a size 0. All of my clients have athletic or curvy, healthy bodies.” Let’s hope we can keep it up. It’s going to be one tough battle, but if everyone pulls through you better believe it’s possible.

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