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Avril Lavigne to Show Again at Fashion Week

With the announcement that Avril Lavigne’s clothing line will be showing yet again at fashion week, we were wondering who still considers the Complicated queen edgy. 

Avril Lavigne to Show Again at Fashion Week

Singer Avril Lavigne only could answer three questions for Women’s Wear Daily when it comes to the shoe line off her clothing label Abbey Dawn and her answers were unintentionally funny and simultaneously awesome.

The “punk-pop” singer (who is recently engaged to Nickelback lead man Chad Kroeger) answered some complicated questions with Womens Wear Daily when she talked about Abbey Dawn’s expansion from being just a juniors line to a more expensive and better quality label.

1. How do you plan to expand your lifestyle brand?
 It’s cool because there are now ballet flats, boots and heels. [The footwear] is exactly where I would want it to be. And I’m excited that we have so many more dresses now and swimsuits.

2. Where is your latest source of design inspiration?
 When I go to Japan, I do some major shopping. The fashion is completely different. I get a lot of fun ideas, and our team talks about what the trend is and what the [footwear] styles should be. We rock it out.

3. Who is the Abbey Dawn consumer?
Initially, the brand started out as a juniors’ line at Kohl’s, but now it’s at a bit of a higher price point. It’s a lot cooler and better quality. It’s geared toward an older age group now, but juniors can still wear it. There are fun, bright colors, and we are making a bold statement. That’s what Abbey Dawn is about — any girl who wants to express herself and be edgy.

Now after reading through Avril’s simple answers to WWD’s pressing questions about Abbey Dawn, we’re not sure if we are dreading her show at fashion week or anticipating it more. With a clothing line that came from a pop-star that sparked an early 2000′s fashion movement consisting of striped fingerless arm gloves and men’s ties paired with tank tops, the idea of Abbey Dawn has always been questionable to us. But until Avril’s fated day at NYFW, we’re just going to have to wait in anticipation to see what type of Japanese inspired Avril Lavigne fashion walks down the runway. But somehow if Avril has managed to remain relevant for this long then there might be something to her career as a “fashion designer” because apparently some people still want to dress like a Sk8er Boi.

Written by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.