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30 Songs to Add to Your Getting Ready Playlist

Your mojo for the night is heavily dependent on the mood you’re in when you get ready, because that reflects upon what you end up wearing. For a summer’s night out, you should be feeling wild every time you step to your closet. The soundtrack to that process is key. Now, of course the FashionIndie Mixtape will always have your shoulders poppin’ as you get dressed. But here are 30 more songs that will keep you looking and feeling fly.

30 Songs to Add to Your Getting Ready Playlist

Fashion of His Love : Lady Gaga : This bouncy and all the way uppity tribute to McQueen inspires fabulosity. But really, you could listen to every track ever laid by Mother Monster and have an excellent getting ready sesh.

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag : James Brown : Get funky. He might even inspire you to wear that brand new purchase.

Wondaland : Janelle Monáe : Ethereally uplifting, it’ll get you ready for the wonderland you’re about to party at.

Flashing Lights : Kanye West : Prepare for the flashes from your personal (or professional) paparazzi.

Fancy : Drake : You fancy, huh?

Filthy and Gorgeous : Scissor Sisters : Cause you’re filthy and I’m gorgeous.

Young Hearts Run Free : Kym Mazelle : This might impede your getting ready process, unless your process involves spinning ’round in raining glitter.

Free Your Mind : En Vogue : And the rest will follow.

On Point : Electrik Red : Get an education on How To Be a Lady.

Hot for You : Brainstorm : Ten minutes of disco heaven.

Sexi Bitch : David Guetta ft Akon : Damn, they’ve laid out your getting ready aspirations.

Flashback : Calvin Harris : Reminisce about a great night while getting ready for another.

Bad Habits : Maxwell : Take a moment to slow it down a touch – good for eye makeup application.

Sleigh Bells : Kids : Dub steppin’ metal move.

Electric Feel : MGMT : Jolt some voltage into your body.

Just Can’t Get Enough : Depeche Mode : But remember Chanel’s golden rule, take off the last thing you put on.

Give Me Everything : Pitbull ft Ne Yo : Know what you want and sieze it all in the night.

Run the World : Beyoncé : B has started a revolution ‘pon de floor. Dress accordingly.

Don’t Wanna Go Home : Jason Derulo : Daylight come when you get home.

We R Who We R : Ke$ha : For the kinda night that’ll end all sloppy. You won’t remember, and it’s probably for the best.

You Make My Dreams Come True : Hall & Oates : Stay with the eighties for a moment more because, and I quote a Youtube comment, “This is exactly how I feel after sex? ……….. Every time.”

Just Dance : Lady Gaga : Gaga fittingly makes the list again with her epic first anthem to partying.

Revolver (one love remix) : Madonna & David Guetta : This one’s killer.

Not Myself Tonight : Christina Aguilera : Prepare yourself for a night where anything is possible.

Milkshake : Kelis : It’s not exactly the pre-game we had in mind, but if it brings all the boys to the yard…

Dancing On My Own : Robyn : What else would you be doing whilst getting dressed?

Ooh Yeah : Moby : Oh yeah, this song will get you pumped on the upbeat.

Prendre L’Air : Shy’m : Everything sounds better in French.

What do YOU listen to while getting all glam for an evening?

Fabulous photo courtesy of Flying Saucer

Written by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.