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Edited by on February 7 2008 at 6:58 PM

So Daniel Saynt went to the Gucci party last night and all I got was a lousy limited edition Gucci Hearts NY Bag!

Gucci vs. Posen

Wanted the big one, got the small one.

I know that I’m a complainer, and a bit of a diva, but what can I say? I really wanted to go and Gucci only sent one invite. Not to mention, I spend all day looking for the perfect dress to wear. Oh well, Daniel gets all the glory for this one.

On the bright side, American Express called me this morning to personally apologize for the ‘uninvite’ to Peter Som. They read the article and realized what influence we have on the world of fashion and decided to offer their condolences. Plus, this is my turn for glory, they invited me to sit in the Amex box seat at Zac Posen tonight. Yes, the fave of all fave indie designers will be covered by Fashion Indie. Ha Daniel, how do u like them apples?

Also, for those of you not attending Zac tonight, head over to Rebel and check out the NY Couture party. Last fashion week, the line to get in to one of our events was three blocks out the door, so don’t miss the event of the season.

Gucci vs. Posen

Story by Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor.