4 Photos of A Sick Agyness Deyn

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Perhaps I’m just a sick individual and I know we haven’t done a lot of Agyness noise lately but I’m not a fan of this Love  Magazine spread for Fall/Winter 2010… she looks like that awkward eight year old from my second grade class… and that really isn’t a compliment…. Can We have a word with the stylist please?!

4 Photos of A Sick Agyness Deyn

If I were you I’d get my anorexic ass to ENVY and creep through the rest. I love you Aggy.. but Fail LOVE Mag how could you!

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Article by Nicole Vardo

My hair is as notoriously messy as the previous night's festivities, I'd like to think of myself as a young Jackie. O with more sex appeal, I can write my own dictionary and nine times out of ten I'm wearing Manolos. Nicole Vardo tagged this post with: , , Read 131 articles by Nicole Vardo
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