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5 Looks Inspired by Summer Blockbusters

This summer’s movies were jam-packed with superheroes, and superhero movies mean stunning visual effects and killer costume design. Now we’ve made a few super suits of our own. To wrap up the summer movie season, we’ve pulled together 5 looks inspired by its biggest blockbusters.

August is drawing to a close, and everyone is emerging from the muggy fog of summertime shenanigans. Once the cold weather sets in, we will yearn for the days of tank tops, swimsuits and movie nights. We don’t want to deprive you of any in this article, so we decided to combine movies and fashion. The results are better than the biggest bucket of buttered popcorn.

Take a look through the movie posters below to see their corresponding looks.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker was an edgier Spider-Man this time around. If you didn’t see the movie, you should know that he dresses in dark colors, has a newfound sense of self-confidence, and rides a skateboard. You’re more likely to find him smoking cigarettes under the bleachers than that doughy Tobey Maguire. If only he rocked a backwards cap… then he would be the textbook definition of “cool.”

5 Looks Inspired by Summer Blockbusters

This look reflects his newfound ‘tude. Bold stockings under a bold dress can be tricky; fortunately we found stockings that matched the print just enough to work, while still giving it a kind of double-printed edge. The rubies on the bracelet mimic the red button on Spidey’s wrist. The web ring is right in front of where the web shoots out… in case you need to take down any bad guys.

Written by Melissa Hebin