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5 Tips for How to Flawlessly Apply False Eyelashes

Your eyes say everything. How awake you are, how happy—they even say ‘I’m a bad b*tch, nice to meet you’–if you curl your lashes correctly.  Don’t let the summer sabotage that.

It seems all this heat and humidity is waging war on even the most delicate of hairs.  You curl and apply mascara, innocently assuming everything’s fine, but step outside and: what was it all for? Your eyelashes are clumped, limp, and virtually nonexistent.  Don’t worry.  Next evening out, instead of forsaking your lashes and going irreverently ham on the eyeliner, consider going fake.  Many of us are turned off by falsies because we assume only girls from outer boroughs with self-esteem issues wear them. Or that only our gay make-up artist friend can put them on ‘properly’–or that they’ll look…fake. And who wants to look like Kim Kardashian she’s overdoing it at a casual rooftop soirée–not you.  The good news is you won’t–nor will you look lashless–if you keep these 5 tips in mind.

#1: What To Buy

For every beauty product there will be a relevant debate over whether being frugal is at the expense of your face. With moisturizers for example, the answer is definitely ‘no’. And if they cut corners on baby formula in China, you definitely don’t want your lipgloss from there. But luckily it’s different with false eyelashes. Assuming you are going for the garden-party/I-came-here-straight-from-work look, buy lashes that are natural looking and about as thick as your own–it doesn’t really matter how much they cost. Lashes by Mac and Shu Eumura will probably look better and endure for longer, but if you can find beautiful looking eyelashes at the drug store, go for it. That said, be aware of their potential fragility and tendency to tear when being initially removed.

Written by Céleste Hermione

my biography is something i'm not especially at liberty to share, until it's published. @CelesteHermione