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by on April 7, 2011

Fashion Indie enlisted the dapper opinions of eight standout style bloggers for the betterment of mankind. Impeccably dressed and never short of words, these eight Web dandies reveal the essentials of building a closet-full of gentlemanly attire.

8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Mordechai Rubinstein of Mister Mort on staples of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

“I’d say a man should have an oxfordcloth button down shirt from Brooks Brothers and a pair of Florsheims wingtip imperials.”

“Those items and an ivy cap or crushable fedora should set a man straight. Assuming he already owns a necktie!”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Jace Lipstein of Grungy Gentleman on a man’s closet necessities.

“You can never go wrong with a navy blazer with gold buttons. And having a strong trench is essential.”

“Once the weather breaks, ditch your socks until mid-September.”

“Always buy quality over quantity. Building a wardrobe should evolve over time organically. Think of your own closet as a collection. When you approach a garment, start thinking – where would this fit within my collection?”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

James Andrew of What is James Wearing on building the basics of a stylish wardrobe.

“Every man should have at least two great suits, both in a lightweight wool that can be worn almost all year round, a black and white mini-hounds tooth check and a navy pinstripe, both very classic, yet a bit more interesting than just plain black or navy. These suits should have working button holes for the sleeve buttons and be perfectly tailored as if the suit were something you had made bespoke. These can be split up and used as just jackets or pants as well for many different looks and combinations.”

“Invest in great shoes and belts; never leave the house without a pocket square in your jacket pocket and don’t be afraid of color.”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style on tuxedo jackets and bright colors.

“Every gentleman should have a vintage sportscoat or tuxedo jacket. They can be worn casually or can be dressed up as well. I have a collection of tuxedo jackets with subtle prints.”

“Don’t be afraid of color. A bright orange or green shirt looks great with a pair of jeans.”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Sachin Bhola of Sachin Bhola on tailoring and finding your personal style.

“Recently, I was talking to J.Crew’s PR guy and he told me that its suits were go-tos among male fashion editors. Surprised? I wasn’t. Even we, people in the industry, can’t always afford designer clothing, but we’re smart enough to invest in the services of a tailor. Because fit truly separates the men from the boys; find the best off-the-rack suit you can afford within your price range. Be sure to review its composition carefully: Insist that it has at least some wool in it. Then, bring it to a tailor to have the body, sleeves and cuffs altered to your specifications (expect to pay around $40 for any of these alterations). Your suit may only cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’ll end up looking a lot more expensive.”

“Must-Have: A black two-button notch lapel suit. Why? Because you can wear it to the office, break it up for the evening, and create a makeshift tuxedo out of it for formal occasions. Also, be creative. Some guys are creative and feel stifled by the maxims for dressing like a gentleman; many of them think this involves wearing a generic suit. The truth is you can be as creative as you want. For example, I like the idea of breaking a traditional suit up with say, a western-print handkerchief used as a pocket square. Sometimes being ‘creative’ means choosing something more colorful, like wearing electric-blue brogues with grape-colored trousers. Who said dressing like a gentleman means throwing away your personal style?”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Chase Dillon of The Sweet and Tender Hooligan on finding the perfect blazer and white tee.

“A quick way to pull together any outfit is with a sharp, well-crafted, well-tailored, cropped blazer. Look for a blazer that has a subtle way of making a bold statement. Try to find one that has color and/or contrast detail around the front breast pocket, or find one made from a great vintage fabric, or maybe even one that has a very faint pattern that will add some texture to it. In the end, all that separates an average look from a styled look is a handful of careful tweaks.”

“For spring and summer every man needs ‘the perfect white t.’ And when he finds it, he should pick up about seven. ‘The perfect white t’ hangs not too snug, not too loose, but almost appears to be tailored to the body. A white t should be soft and worn to the point where it creates it’s own ‘perfect shade’ of white.”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

Izzy Tuason of The Dandy Project on camel coats and slim, black trousers.

“A camel coat is quite useful for the fall and spring months. It’s a wearable neutral, but isn’t as dark as black, navy or charcoal, all of which can look dreary when worn over and over again on cold days. Camel pops out nicely against dark clothes, and goes harmoniously with creams and beiges. And it looks delightful against a backdrop of autumn leaves!”

“I live in my slim, black trousers and have been meaning to buy another pair but just haven’t had the time.  Well-fitting, slim (not skinny) black trousers are the chicest, most flattering background note to exuberant jackets of odd shapes and statement shoes, both of which I am very fond of. On a low-key day, nothing looks more effortlessly put-together than slim black trousers with a white shirt or a black sweater.”


8 Super Style Bloggers: On How to Build a Gentlemans Closet

McArthur Joseph of Daily Mister on the stylish essentials every man needs.

“A man always needs a good pair of casual shoes. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a man in pants wearing his gym sneakers.”

“Every man should have at least one good watch. It’s the ultimate gentleman accessory.”


Contributed by Josh Linam

I eat fashion for breakfast. Cashmere sweaters taste funny.

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