Nine Videos That Prove Peaches Geldof Didn’t Attend D.A.R.E

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Nine Videos That Prove Peaches Geldof Didnt Attend D.A.R.E

Here are the top nine Peaches for Nylon videos that clearly show her progression through heroin addiction.

In this video, Peaches looks virtually drug free. During this interview with actress Mena Suvari, our girl manages to look put together and even comes off as charming. Good job Peaches we like you better this way.

Now, I having a running theory that whenever Peaches is assigned to do a celebrity interview she cleans herself up for a little bit. Peaches still looks well and sober. She is able to conduct a pretty good interview with musical artist Little Boots.

In this video the cameraman is probably on more drugs than Peaches. She looks a bit jumpy in this one which indicates that she is probably high. I think whoever edited the video made it all hazy to hide how much of a hot mess she looked like. Not to mention she’s talking about “jumping in and out.” Perhaps she was talking about drugs. (Most likely not but it’s funnier to think so).

Ok, so Peaches surely shot up before filming this. You can tell by the look on her face that she appears to be under the influence of something. You can also notice in the outro that she begins dazing off into the distance like she is hopped up on something.

All Peaches wants for Christmas is some heroin. I’m pretty sure that Santa (aka her dealer) brought her some early presents (aka drugs). Well if anyone is looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for Ms. Geldof, think of buying a hypodermic needle, cotton balls, and lots of heroin.

Not only does it look like Peaches is on drugs but she’s cheating on Eli Roth with some Star Wars head. I believe she was supposed to be Cat Women, but instead she looks like a crazy drug addicted cat lady. If you look closely at the naked pictures of her doing drugs she kind of look like the Yoda she interviewed.

Throughout the whole video Peaches eyes pop out of her head like she’s tweeking on something heavy. Her face looks like she was slapped with a bag of narcotics.

Peaches is super high energy in this video, which causes me to question if heroin isn’t her only drug of choice. She is just out of control.

In this gem, we get to see a peek inside our girl’s den of addiction. Not only does she look messed up, but I’m pretty sure that roommate of her’s is on the same stuff. She looks like the Peaches in the nude photos floating around the internet. Basically she looks like she hit rock bottom and tried to hide it desperately. You’re not fooling anyone Peaches.

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Article by McArthur Joseph, Editor

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