A Cool Sip Of I Don’t Give A Shart For Cory Kennedy

Indies,  please stop gettin all excited and soiling yourselves over every waif that shows up at some shindig lookin like a 3rd world malaria victim.  Cory Kennedy? What has she done that’s so friggin special? C’mon?  Some photog with to much free time took a few pics of her…….she had a few to many pills and danced on a table……..she vomited on Marc Jacobs at a potluck, WHAT?!?!  Does dressin like you just got accosted in an alley at gun point automatically make you a fashionista now-a-days?

A Cool Sip Of I Dont Give A Shart For Cory Kennedy fashion

I mean the lunacy is spreadin’ like a venereal disease at the Hilton what with Gawker calling her the “Internet It Girl”,  Nylon Magazine goin ape-ass crazy and doin a shoot of her, even New York Magazine and L.A. Times have lost all sense of intelligence and mentioned her for……..for……..um………….well exactly.

A Cool Sip Of I Dont Give A Shart For Cory Kennedy fashion

Since Daniel has issued a mandate that we boycott any and every idiot that would endorse Perez Hilton ((MOOOO!!!)), I think we should do the same for Miss Cory, until she actually does something that we can know her for instead of random pics of her doin crap while lookin a homeless, hungover mess.  I know, I’ll bring a can of gasoline, everybody else bring a copy of her Nylon shoot for tender and we’ll burn her in effigy.

For those that agree send your hate mail here: http://www.uber.com/corykennedy

                              here: http://corykennedy.blogspot.com/

                        and here: http://www.myspace.com/cklckl

P.S.  And Another Thing,  it don’t make no sense to let yo’ hair look like a gaggle of flyin rats live in it,  especially when a bottle of ‘Head & Shoulders’ cost only 7 bucks……fashionista?! PLEAZE, fashionista these nutz!!!

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