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A Dozen Places to Tan Under the Manhattan Sun

In the shade of skyscrapers on the hardest of concrete, finding a space to lay your body down under the sun to catch a few rays can seem impossible. Your fair sheltered skin is begging for a tan, and we all know tanning beds are not the answer, so we’ve scoured the city for places to lay out. Some of these places are free for all. Others are free of all other people. However you choose to do it, here’s where to find the sun in Manhattan.

Want a scene to bronze in?

A Dozen Places to Tan Under the Manhattan Sun

You can find it on the roof of these fancy shmancy clubs and hotels:

The Soho HouseIf you can find a dear friend (or at least a one night stand) in someone with a membership to this über exclusive British import, you can access their famed rooftop pool. Rub elbows with celebrities, or at the very least, their publicists.

Le Bain – On the roof of The Standard lies a bed of high tech synthetic grass, on which you’ll find giant plushy waterbed poofs and beautiful people.

Le Parker Meredien – For $50 a day you can use this just-south-of-the-park rooftop pool and all of the hotel’s amenities. A touch pricey, yes, but free of screaming children and pisswater.

The Gansevoort & The Gansevoort Park – Uptown or down, get free entrance and steep drinks. Lovely views, but beware – the BnT crowd has discovered (and invaded) this gem. ***UPDATE*** They don’t let the questionable crowd in on Sundays. Only beautiful people with slippery morals.

More of a free spirit?

A Dozen Places to Tan Under the Manhattan Sun

Park your beach bum at any of these NYC Parks, Piers and other Public Places:

Central Park – Duh. But check out these key layout spots: Sheep Meadow or The Great Lawn. Or find a giant slab of rock face and bunker down, they make surprisingly comfortable beds.

Clinton Cove - This stretch of park at Pier 95 at 55th st on the West side. Tan with a water’s view and real grass beneath you.

Christopher Street Pier – River view tanning in the West Village, but the pier is made of wood, so perhaps bring a beach chair for prime comfort.

Bryant Park - Midtown crash tan in the middle of work. Grab lunch at Hale and Hearty or Le Pain Quotidien and bake in the sun.

Battery Park - Find the sun in the Financial District and a view of Lady Liberty.

High Line – This train track turned eco-walkway has parts lined with lounge chairs and stunning water views.

Master Moocher?

A Dozen Places to Tan Under the Manhattan Sun

Call every single one of your Manhattanite friends and inquire about the state of their rooftops. What? You can only access it by climbing out a window and up a ladder on the fire escape? Sounds great! If you’re lucky, you’ll find a friend at 300 Mercer – UHmazing rooftop.

Or you could call on us at FashionIndie. We do have a nice slice of Manhattan rooftop….


AND… If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.


Written by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.