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A Funny Thing About Fashion & Charity

If there’s one thing that always remains on trend it’s fashion/charity collaborations. Between the CFDA, Vogue, and Elle, we’re regularly bombarded with charitable initiatives, fundraisers, designer collaborations, and Tom’s Exclusives, that remind us every few weeks to make a difference with our wallets, while adding a new bracelet or villager boat shoe to our closets.


A Funny Thing About Fashion & Charity

While most of the take-aways seem fairly unfashionable, like a printed cotton tee with a bullseye for breast cancer, or a canvas tote that reminds me to “Save the Garment District”, there are occasionally designers and charities that get it right. Case in point, the Obakki Collection.

If you’ve never heard of Obakki, now is the time to take note. The brand is 100% humanitarian, meaning that 100% of all public donations and 100% of net profits generated from Obakki Collection sales can go directly to humanitarian projects, such as clean water and education for developing communities. This is huge, cause many times, you’ll come in contact with a charity that only donates proceeds, which tend to mean only 10% of sales are going to the cause, which you can imagine, doesnt do much for making a change.

I recently picked up a knit sweater and long-sleeve shirt from Obakki, which I paired with a Vince floor length and Herve Leger boots. To make the outfit pop, I paired the look with my Carolina Herrera travel case, from the Target x Neiman Marcus collection ($39 for set of 3), which I’ve recently converted into a bag. I tied a knot around an Obakki Signature Red Scarf ($29) and popped it into the travel case, to create a dramatic tail for the otherwise, not as glam clutch.

My look felt right for the night, and after adorning myself in attire appropriate for a philanthropist in training, I made my way to Refinery29?s #Tinseltown pop-up where we sipped on BELVEDERE (RED) cocktails and caught up with old friends, bumping into Wendy from Nitrolicious, Anthony from Closet Freaks, Corey Kindberg of Kenton Magazine, Camilla from Glamgerous, and finally Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty, who intro’d us to boy in hand, Jordan, founder of Modern Vice.

After the event, Daniel and I, and Camilla and her bf Matteo, grabbed a quick bite at La Esquina, one of our go-to taco spot when we’re in Soho. We chatted about cheese and then caught a cab to the StyleCaster #PencilsOfPromiseparty at Rosewood, a fashion/charity event which made me feel extra charitable considering my outfit.


Written by Beca Alexander

My spirit animal is Michelle Harper.