A Letter to Lindsay Lohan A Letter to Lindsay Lohan

Lohan vs Marilyn

Dear Ms. Lohan,

Stop. No really stop.

There’s something that can be said for self-control, and you obviously don’t have it. What you saw as an ‘artistic’ endeavor, in recreating Marilyn Monroe last sitting with Bert Stern (in this weeks New York Mag), has actually ruined the beauty of the original images. As you must know, since you’re such the Marilyn Monroe aficionado, in 1962, Bert Stern was given the assignment by Vogue magazine to photograph Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Stern met Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel and proceeded to photograph her for three days, producing an astounding 2,500 photographs. The original photographs, which range from fashion shots to nudes, speak volumes about Monroe’s emotional and professional downfall. That’s the beauty of the photographs.

At first glance they appear beautiful, but if you were to look at them a little longer you would see how sad these photographs really are. The years of drugs and emotional abuse had aged her face way beyond her thirty-six years. At the time of the photoshoot she had just been fired from her latest film for her erratic behavior, making her unhireable to any other studio. Don’t you get it Lindsay? These are photos of a BROKEN glamour icon, on the cusp of realizing that her career in Hollywood was effectively O-V-E-R. So what are you trying say? I mean really?

A Letter to Lindsay Lohan A Letter to Lindsay Lohan




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P.S.Don’t worry I won’t hold this whole ‘Marilyn-Monroe’ thing over New York Magazine’s head. As they have balanced out this glaring error in judgment by also featuring a nice long article about my idol Carine Roitfeld.

Photo credits: all bert stern.

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