A Whole New High-Top

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A Whole New High Top fashion


A Whole New High Top fashion


A Whole New High Top fashion

by Adidas.



Why do guys commonly use the term “high-tops” to mean the classic Converse sneakers or the recently popular Nike Dunks? You can never go wrong pairing your black with a pair of raw denim straight legs, a black button-up and a few accessories here and there. And we all know how versatile those Nike Dunks can be…a red and black pair to match your plaid or even neons to go with all of your hiliter yellows, oranges and greens. But take a look around…your brother, your cousin, your best friend’s uncle’s ex-wife’s son’s next-door neighbor ALL have these shoes. I assure you, there are other high-top options out there!

Above are a few pairs I came across while searching Ssense and Revolve Clothing. Although these high-tops are rather similar to the designs and concepts of and Nike Dunks (slim fit, aeration pores, ankle laces) they have enough detail and flare to make them unique. Depending on the brand and material, these shoes can set you back anywhere from $100-$400…but it beats looking like every other Beatle band reject and fake star out there!

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