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Fearless Fucking Fashion

Our new ad campaign is inspiring some to “run naked in the rain”. I ain’t stoppin ya, just make sure to blog about it later.

So we just launched our new ad campaign and we’re getting a bunch of love for Writing.on.Fashion, a pretty nifty site that we just discovered. Her comments are below.

Thanks so much for the love!!!

I’ve always been a fan of  utilizing the female form in artistic ways to create beautiful works of art, a earth-shattering photography exhibit (you know, the kind that causes personal epiphanies) and more than memorable advertising campaigns.

I believe in empowerment, not objectification.  Society objectifies the female form in so many negative connotations, I  love  to see it celebrated and exalted in ways that tell a woman to be self-confident and revel in her beauty.

I want to run naked in the rain when when I see advertising campaigns telling a woman it’s okay to push to the envelope, let her voice be heard – loudly, be a bit riske and not even give a @!&%# sometimes. And whether she keeps her clothes on or not is her choice.

To the ladies at Fashion Indie, your new ad campaign takes everything above in account. Dangerously Beautiful job. Can’t wait to see what comes out of Fashion Indie Week.

LINKAGE: Fashion Indie’s Newest Ad Campaign

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