ADDICT: Cassandra Rhodin Illustrations

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ADDICT: Cassandra Rhodin Illustrations

When you think of advertisements, photography usually comes to mind as the main medium. But Cassandra Rhodin likes to illustrate, and illustrate she does. Her drawings are ultra stylish, which makes them perfect for fashion campaigns. The Swedish designer has a knack for designing graphic tees as well. There’s something about the way she darkens the eyes on her figures that really attracts me to her work. Mysterious indeed.

GALLERY: Illustrations by Cassandra Rhodin

Thanks to Agent Bauer for the photos.

Article by Amanda Gabriele, Contributor

Amanda realized at a young age she could turn her love for materialistic bullshit into a lucrative career. She gets the best of two worlds working in both fashion merchandising and journalism. Amanda's obsessions include Johnnie Walker Black Label, jamming to Lil Wayne at obnoxious noise levels and working on her memoir "Sex, Drugs and Burning Chairs: The Kent State Experience." She possesses more knowledge about underwear than you could ever accumulate in your entire life. Midwestern born, bred and corrupted, Amanda currently resides in Brooklyn with the ///Slant///. Amanda Gabriele, Contributor tagged this post with: Read 368 articles by Amanda Gabriele, Contributor
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